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PPGZ...? by pinkhaired-presea PPGZ...? :iconpinkhaired-presea:pinkhaired-presea 100 14 PPGZ-Catwalk by NickyLuvEeyore PPGZ-Catwalk :iconnickyluveeyore:NickyLuvEeyore 262 40
PPG x RRB Fanfiction
Chapter 1: We met again!
Blossom, Bubbles,and Buttercup were flying around townsville. It seems nothing is bad happening. They're already 18, and got bored on saving the townsville. "Ok, girls. Why don't we split up" Blossom said, flipping her hair. Buttercup and Bubbles nodded and they split up.
Blossom's POV:
I flew around and told my sisters that we should split up. I went to the townsville Mall. I looked around inside the mall for a bit. Just then, I saw a hold up in the grocery store. I frowned and sighed. Darn it! I'm so bored of this saving thing! The villians are just too easy! Mojo grew old and can't fight anymore, and HIM retired, and Fuzzylumpkins moved out, and other villians were gone. She haven't even seen theRowdyruff boys for 12 years. And the robbers are just easy. I flew inside the grocery. I didn't the recognize the boy who's hold upping, but I told him to stop. He turned around and he looked very familiar. I observed his orange hair, red eyes,
:iconblazeheart114:Blazeheart114 24 8
You turned around and saw a little girl.The girl had black golves,orange hair,a crown with a pink round crystal in it,a yellow dress with a black line on it,and black shoes.
"How did you do that ?!" she asked with wide eyes.She pointed a finger to you.
"What DID i do ?" you lied.
"You know what i mean ! Look at the pool !" She raged out.You looked behind you and then back at the Spoiled brat.
"Euhm...its winter...?" You said the bad excuse you got.She faceplamed.
"You know am not dumb." She said.
"Are you sure about that ?" You crossed your ams and gave her a sly smirk.She growls and stomped her foot on the ground.
"Toughy." She growls at you and passed away.
"Buh bye,Princess Brat." You said outloud.When you got to you own business,you heard giggles and laughes and that dumpy shit.
You turned around and said.
"Oh please,I can hear you all.Get the buck out of there before i will." You sighed and waited for a reaction or movement.
The creatures stopped with their thing an
:iconpinkamena-diana-pie:Pinkamena-Diana-Pie 18 8
You was a Child.But not a normale child like as all the kids around this town.You have speciale powers.Like, A Normale child's Blood is Red. Pure blood red, But yours Was a Rainbow colour. You had No Normale eyes. Your eyes where (E/C). But when you where mad Your eye Colour would turn into Red.You had always Gloves On your hands. ( This is kidda be like As Frozen o_o.)You had ice Powers. You had Also Fire Powers....
It Was morning. You woke up in bed. You started To Change your clothes. You ate your breakfist.You did everything What you did on a normale morning.You Lived in TownsVille.Yeah Yeah You saw ALWAYS The Powerpuff girls Fighting to a randome Monster. You wished to be one of those power kids.But you can't....

You where walking to school.You had your gloves on.You where walking and walking and walking. But then when you walked by a Pool you stopped.You looked into the pool.It was beautifull.You smiled when you saw the g
:iconpinkamena-diana-pie:Pinkamena-Diana-Pie 11 9
Brick x Child!Reader [Sleeping In]
Brick x Child Reader
Sleeping In
One of the things Brick missed about being a single bachelor with no actual responsibility, was sleeping in. But, this doesn't mean he didn't love his daughter, in fact, he cherished the time he got to spend with her. Especially when she was happy. He loved to see her smile, so vibrant. He also loved to hear her talk, she came up with the strangest stories that he loved to hear. His favorite one was about the lion and his cub. Mainly, because the lion and the cub reminded him of himself and (y/n). This story always changed though, showing different scenarios. Like the cubs uncles. The howler monkey and the buffalo. He always laughed at the parts where the lion would bite the howler monkey's tail and fling him away from the cub when he got too excited.
But, out of everything he got to do with (y/n), was those rare occasion he got the sleep in and she'd sneak into his room to sleep with him. He'd always wake up though. Today, was a little different though
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 30 2
You Make Me Want To Smile [Ben x Chubby Reader]
Ben Jojo x Chubby Reader
You Make Me Want To Smile, Even Though I Don't Know How To
Thinking back on it, you probably wouldn't have believe anyone if they told you that you'd end up friends with any of the RowdyRuff Boys. But you did. Well, not all of them. Mainly just two. Boomer and Bandit. The other three ignored you at first.
Let's start from the beginning. When you were ten. You had started at Townsville Elementry. You had been given the firm warning about the super powered boys, by your parents, and that you should avoid them. You tried to, you really did. But, the two who seemed to want your attention, wouldn't stop finding ways for you to talk to them.
Boomer would always start talking to you, even though sometimes you didn't understand the things he said, mainly because he said them wrong. And, Bandit kept trying to give you candy and seemed to want to talk your ears off. Brick, Butch, and Ben didn't seem to care about you at all. Seeing as you were already abnormal anyways. B
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 50 9
I'll Always Be Your Hero[Butch x Chubby!Reader]
Babe, I'll Always Be Your Hero
[Butch Jojo x Chubby! Reader]
“Dude, shut it!” Butch growled at his blond brother.
“Sorry! Geez, you didn't have to drag me here.” Boomer groaned as he sat on the ledge of the building.
“Well, if you'd shut up I could prove my point.”
“Which is? I don't understand why you have to prove anything to me.” Boomer said.
“You said you didn't understand why I li—find that girl interesting. I'm going to show you why she's interesting.” Butch said as his eyes scanned the field for the girl. He mentally cursed for slipping up earlier. He really didn't want his brothers to know about his attraction to this girl. Well, he only didn't want Brick to know, but Boomer can't keep a secret worth sh*t.
He wasn't entirely sure why he had to drag his brother here, maybe because he wanted to prove that she wasn't what everyone wanted to believe she was.
His eyes zoned in on a head of (h/c) hair and he smirked. T
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 134 8
My Monsters [Monster!RRB x Reader]
My Monsters
Monster!RRB x Reader
You weren't sure if it was love, there were sometimes that it did, but other than felt like obsession. You had toppled into their grasp, and now they sank their claws and teeth into you. Refusing your freedom. As you walked among mere mortals, their presence lingers over your back.
Sharp teeth, claws, horns, and intimidating glares. Sending shivers of pure ecstasy through your bones, you couldn't stand it.
Howls, growls, and soft spoken rumbles. It made your head dizzy, you can barely see.
There was a love they couldn't explain, and feared.
He couldn't understand it, every time she screamed his name, his heart pounded harder. When, it wasn't supposed to be beating at all. His dull blue eyes were once again full of life and excitement every time she arched her back into him. He couldn't help the intense pleasure he felt when his sharp canines pierced her veins, and he couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of her yanking on his blond hair. There w
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 29 6
Butch x Baby!Reader
Butch x Baby!Reader
Butch glared into the (e/c) eyes of the little girl across from him. Surprisingly, she glared right back. She was about ten months old, and she was sitting there, pouting angrily, her eyes narrowed in a threatening manner. If looks could kill, Butch would be a smoldering pile of ash on the floor.
“What's wrong with you?” he said, making her eyes narrow further.
“You didn't crap yourself did you?” the small girl made a sound close to a growl.
“You hungry?” her eyes widened a fraction, signaling that he had guessed correctly. He sighed and stood up. Heading to the kitchen and fixing a bottle of formula. When he got back, he saw that the little girl was now slouching in her highchair. He sat the bottle in front of her before returning to his. They stared at each other a little longer before she grabbed the bottle and tipped it back, suckling the teat, drinking the formula.
When she finished she threw it onto the table and stared at h
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 122 20
Brick x Reader (Your PyschoManiacCreeperDemon)
   It doesn’t take long for you to figure out that there’s someone near your bed. Or, rather, on your bed beside you. Because obviously, the moment you stretch and your foot accidentally hits the warm body next to yours isn’t a clue that there is someone next to you. So then what do you do? The right thing. The common thing. You stay in your bed with the lights scared out of you, waiting for him to get up, for him to move, because you’re not really sure if he’s a deep sleeper or a light sleeper, and you don’t want to find out.
    But then the body moves. Moves towards you. And you curl up even tighter, trying to consume the space between your limbs as much as possible, just so that the intruder doesn’t touch you. But somehow, somehow he does. He rolls over and now you guys are spooning,
:icontarrotcake:TarrotCake 93 27
Boomer x Baby!Reader
Boomer x Baby!Reader
Boomer had found himself locked in a staring contest with the little girl sitting on the opposite side of the couch. Neither of them moved, their eyes were just locked. Boomer bit the inside of his cheek before crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out, puffing out his cheeks, and blowing a raspberry. Causing the little girl to burst into giggles, clapping her hands together gleefully. Boomer paused in making his silly face and gave a grin to the little girl. An idea popped into his head as he reached over, gently picking her up. He cradled her in one arm, watching her confused face as he lifted her shirt just enough to reveal her tummy.
In mere seconds she was stuck in giggles and squeals of joy as he blew raspberries on her belly. She weakly attempted to push his head away, but she wasn't strong enough. But, Boomer showed mercy, pulling back and giving her a grin. Which she seemed to mimic. Then he heard her stomach growl, making him laugh. He carefully picke
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 128 9
P.S. I Love You...[Brick Jojo x Reader]
P.S. I love you...
You sat in class, bored as ever. Silently urging the clock to move so you could go to lunch. You looked over to one of your best friends, Buttercup Utonium, since she was the only one in this class. She'd changed from when she was little. Her hair was still that same flipped style, but since she and her sisters now felt no need to match she wore green tank tops, army shorts, and hiking boots most of the time. She was tapping her desk, staring at the clock. Like you had been moments before. It seems she wanted to get lunch much like you, you could almost hear her growling stomach.
You were a bit of a tomboy, like Buttercup, but not as far as she was. You didn't always dress like a tomboy, but you sure acted like one. You were often tricked into letting Bubbles dress you, which meant (f/c) skirts, blouses, and dresses. With incredibly tall and uncomfortable heels, not that you couldn't walk in them.
You silently, and discreetly, reach over and tap her shoulder. When sh
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 121 19
RRB X Reader: Choose you Rowdyruff
   You were on your way home when you saw one of The PPGs fall and crash into the ground. The pink one, Blossom. You never payed much mind on what goes on in this city. But this time...something was different. The trouble came to you.
    "Damn. Now I'll never get home. This'll take forever." You complained as Blossom got up and flied back into the sky. You sighed in frustration and kept walking.
    After about 10 minutes, you realized that you had taken a wrong turn and ended up walking where the villains lived.
    "Shit! This ain't good! I need to get out of here!!" You said as you turned and started to run back.
    You use to live here, because your old man was a criminal, but your folks split up and you ended up living with your mom. You never wanted to come back here. This place brought back to many horrible memories.
    You kept running and running, then when you turned the corner, you ran into someone. You fell but
:icondemonpup45:demonpup45 122 28
Mature content
Butch X Reader-1: Crazy Green Hero~ :icondemonpup45:demonpup45 111 192
Brick X Reader-1: Red Eyed Savior
    "Ace, please! Just let me go. I just wanna go home." You said again. He just chuckled.
    "Nope." He said. You were starting to get pissed off.
    "Well why the hell not?" You asked, trying to keep your cool.
    "Because, we haven't seen you in so long. We need to catch up." He said with a grim voice.  W-We?! He doesn't mean....SHIT HE DOES!!!!
    "I-I think I might pass." You said, slipping away from him and making a run for it.
    You ran as fast as you could back into the lighter side of town, not daring to look back. You saw Mojo's volcano home-thing and turned the corner, hoping you lost Ace.
    You sat down, catching your breath. Then you heard footsteps. Next this you knew, you were being held up against the volcano side with a pocket knife pressed against your neck.
    "L-Leave me a-alone, Ace. What t-the hell did I ever d-do to you?" You stuttered. He chuckles evilly as he pr
:icondemonpup45:demonpup45 145 24




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